SRA Detergentes is a company dedicated to the design, development, manufacture and marketing of household, laundry and dishwashing cleaning products, with the Brand Havay and Private Label (MDD).

Our core business is the modern distribution and large distribution in Southern Europe.
The Exportation will be a consequence of the growth of SRA Detergentes.

Currently we produce per week, within a single shift about 550 thousand litres of antibacterial detergent, window cleaners, bathroom gel, dishwashing gel with active foam and anti-calcareous gel for the dishwasher and washing machines, among others.

When we manufacture a product, not only we engage in its development, as we consider a careful selection of raw materials suppliers, Image and final product presentation.
The quality of products is constantly checked and certified by analysis and the measurement equipment in our laboratory.

SRA Detergentes major strength is an optimized structure that provides flexibility and availability, ensuring that its customer needs are met.

We have ten employees and about 2,000 m2 of infrastructure, we distinguish ourselves from others by established technology, flexibility, irreverence and rigor.


In SRA Detergentes vemos o Produto como o elemento fundamental da Empresa.

the core of the Company is the product.
We do permanent investments in the sector of new technologies in order to become more competitive and leaders in the sector.
On the other hand, customer satisfaction and professionalism are also essential considerations in SRA Detergentes.

PME Líder’14

SRA Detergentes was recognized for its credit capacity and its management methods.

This is a certification reflects the recognition of good financial management.

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Looking always to be at the forefront, SRA Detergentes currently holds ISO Quality Certificate 9001: 2008, under Design, Development, Manufacture and Marketing of home cleaning laundry and dishwashing products.

Quality SRA Detergentes policy:

Meet and overcome the needs of our customers.

Ensure compliance with the requirements of standards, laws and regulations applicable to the Company.

Knowing the environmental aspects and minimize the environmental impacts of our activities, by promoting the rational use of natural resources and pollution prevention through good environmental practices.

Establish environmental objectives and targets in order to continuously improve the performance of our Quality Management System, Environment and Safety.

Check daily the quality of our products in our laboratory, which has the most modern measuring equipment.

Raising awareness, training, motivation and commitment of our employees and all of those who perform activities on our behalf in compliance with the above principles.

Promote the improvement of health and safety conditions for employees.